We are the Mayad Academy

Since 2008, the Mayad Academy has allowed us to share our knowledge and skills to curious videographers from different parts of the globe. It made us aspire to inspire more in our craft, not only with the couples whose stories and memories we share, but also to our fellow videographers aspiring to create passionate work, capture genuine memories, and immortalize unforgettable moments to last a lifetime.

More than just aspiring and inspiring – the Mayad Academy sets the vision of going beyond borders, reaching more places and touching more lives. Vision come to life, this will be our life’s greatest masterpiece.


Alvin Paver

CEO, Mayad Studios

Alvin, a graduate of Information and technology, proved himself by starting his own business alongside with his classmates in college Fiel and Jose.

Starting from a very humble beginning and worked his way up, he has set the bar so high that helped Mayad Studios become one of the most influential videographers in the world.

Currently the main photographer and CEO of Mayad Studios, he has accomplished a lot of things and demonstrated leadership among his colleagues keeping him fresh with ideas and applying everything he has learned and experienced to a bigger purpose and that is to Inspire and Aspire.

Raphael Jamil Pranga

Head Director, Mayad Studios

Fiel has been with Mayad from its early beginnings. Although known for his elegant and glamorous take on wedding videography, he also welcomes the idea of trying out new things. This top-billing director believes in the power of content. He emphasizes that the center of a video should focus on answering the “why’s” of the couple – the reason why they are getting married, the reason why they believe they are meant for each other. With his attention to detail, he highlights these reasons in graceful shots that showcase a couple’s beautiful love story.

Jackner John Borja

Director of Business Development, Mayad Studios
Director of Operations, Mayad Academy

When it comes to learning and teaching, there is no one more credible in Mayad but Jackner John Borja. A graduate of AB Communication in De La Salle University - Dasmariñas and has earned a Master of Development Communication degree in University of the Philippine Open University, his passion for videography led him in joining Mayad Studios while his dedication drove him to become one of the senior videographers.

As Director of Operations for Mayad Academy, he can surely share his enthusiasm in learning and even inject some of his life experiences to gain more knowledge in succeeding in this industry.