With the intent to further strengthen their skills for the art, the Mayad Development Program was born. Following its success, the program was then re-branded and expanded to become the Mayad Academy – a venue to inspire and develop young, impassioned people in their expertise

Our Story

Since 2008, the Mayad Academy has allowed us to share our knowledge and skills to curious videographers from different parts of the globe. It made us aspire to inspire more in our craft, not only with the couples whose stories and memories we share, but also to our fellow videographers aspiring to create passionate work, capture genuine memories, and immortalize unforgettable moments to last a lifetime.

More than just aspiring and inspiring – the Mayad Academy sets the vision of going beyond borders, reaching more places and touching more lives. Vision come to life, this will be our life’s greatest masterpiece.

Schedule of Workshops

Jul 22

Mayad Academy Rookies : Iloilo 2016
Iloilo, PH ( July 22 – 24 )

For the past 10 years, we have been into a lot of ‘heartventures’ across the globe. We have heard and told compelling stories that encapsulate what love is and what MAYAD is all about: Embracing Life Changing Moments. As part of the 10th year celebration of Mayad Studios, we are coming home…where it all began: Iloilo.

Nov 09

Sony presents the Mayad Academy year 2 (Singapore)

Details to be announced soon.

Inside : Mayad Academy