The Mayad Academy Experience

Our experiences in the industry presented us a lot of life-changing moments; stories that inspires us and made us hope for the best, to be better and never stop learning. It is an unending process of which we continue to experience in our lifetime and pass it on unto the next generation.

What drives you to be the best? What’s your motivation to uncover your potentials? What makes great, even better?

We would want to inspire more, to aspire more. This could be, this will be our life’s greatest work.

For us, this is a life-changing moment.
We are, the Mayad Academy.


Sep 02

What’s in the Bag? Equipment Fundamentals

The first workshop of the four legs of Sony presents The Mayad Academy Caravan will run through the basics of the equipment that we carry with us during weddings and pre-wedding shoots. Get to know the fundamentals, and purpose of the equipment we use and allow yourself to maximize their potential. Our first speaker is a graduate of The Mayad Academy and is currently our Director of Operations and Business Development of Mayad Digital, Mr. Jackner John Borja will walk you through the specifics of each equipment; may it be the camera, lenses, audio, and stabilizers that we use.

Oct 14

The Wedding Day Workflow

The second workshop of the four legs of Sony presents The Mayad Academy Caravan will run through what happens during the wedding day. One of Mayad Studios’ Directors, Ms. Carmela Dy Hubag, who also happens to be a graduate of The Mayad Academy will share with you techniques on how to capture the essence of wedding videos.

Nov 11

Advanced Class: Directing a Pre-Wedding

The third workshop of the four legs of Sony presents The Mayad Academy Caravan will provide you with a first hand experience on directing a pre-wedding shoot with Mayad Studio’s Head Director Mr. Kristopher King Caldera. Join him in this workshop and get techniques and advice on how to get the best shots for your next pre-wedding shoot! Register Here

Dec 09

The Heart of Storytelling

The last workshop of Sony presents The Mayad Academy Caravan will share with you the concept of storytelling through your wedding videos. Mr. Alan Ante, one of Mayad Studios’ editors will walk you through the timeline of storytelling in videos. Ask questions on finding the perfect song to match your video’s mood and discover what shots would fit the sequence. This class is perfect for you if you want to know more about how to put the moments you’ve captured to its full potential through videos that are well threaded.

Mar 08

Sony presents the Mayad Academy Manila 2018