The Mayad Academy Experience

Our experiences in the industry presented us a lot of life-changing moments; stories that inspires us and made us hope for the best, to be better and never stop learning. It is an unending process of which we continue to experience in our lifetime and pass it on unto the next generation.

What drives you to be the best? What’s your motivation to uncover your potentials? What makes great, even better?

We would want to inspire more, to aspire more. This could be, this will be our life’s greatest work.

For us, this is a life-changing moment.
We are, the Mayad Academy.


May 27

Cebu in Focus 2

On its second year, Cebu in Focus features booths from the top photography brands, exciting promos and discounts, product demos and a free cleaning service. In collaboration with Sony Philippines, we bring you a Wedding Videography special with Jackner John Borja of Mayad Academy. Be inspired to weave stories about your journeys and enhance your wedding videography skills on May 27th from 11:10 AM to 1:10 PM at The Gallery, Ayala Center Cebu!

Jul 15

Sony presents the Mayad Academy Manila