A New Chapter – Mayad Academy PRO: Manila 2015

Being away from the thing that you love to do will make your realize a lot of things. It will help you refocus, place a more sensible direction, a structure to your own dreams and aspirations.

In the case of the Mayad Academy, being away for a year gave it a lot of things to learn and new direction to take. Since 2008, the Academy is blessed to meet different videographers from different backgrounds in life. Some are now doing great in the wedding industry, some pursued other interests and some are now part of Mayad Studios.

And it is apparent that the Mayad Academy has one simple goal to inspire and aspire other videographers and aspiring videographers that wanted to experience the wonders of the wedding industry.

We promised that we are going to do a series of seminar-workshops and other related activities, in 2015 to reach more heartist. not only in the Philippines but also abroad.

For our first offering, we present to you the Mayad Academy PRO: Manila 2015

The heat of summer did not beat the fire of passion burning inside the masters of the lensed craft. The participants never fell short of putting all insights into action. The three-day exertion definitely pushed the inspirers past their limitations and made them discover that there’s more to video than just framed subjects.

Aside from passing on techniques, flows and all of Mayad’s know-hows, we are delighted to have learned from the participants themselves. The value of exchanged conversations and shared experiences were priceless.

This and all else, we will definitely bring with us wherever we go.

Major Partners: Sony, RØDE Microphones, Josiah’s Catering
Partners: Vatel Manila, Carina, Benro, Tamron

March 16 – 17, 2015
Manila, Philippines

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