Revisiting Mayad Academy Beijing 2013

发现新主意, 地方,和朋友 是无价的。

Mayad Studios’ 让我们超越拍摄的境界。 教导和帮助摄影师 摄出另类的影片是 Mayad Academy’s

的 理念。


Mayad Academy Beijing 2013是我们第一次在北京开研讨会与工作室。除了語言和攝像以外,参与者很满意这三天的研讨会的有所进步也很看好这个行业。


再次我們介紹,Mayad Academy 2013。

Going out of your comfort zone helps you to go further and grow more.
Discovering new ideas, new places, and new people are precious and priceless.

Going beyond our boundaries, reaching out and teaching more videographers with Mayad Studios’ way of shooting videos are some of Mayad Academy’s goals.

And our fellow videographers in China allows us to learn more about their country, their styles of weddings, allowed us be better videographers and as global citizens.

Mayad Academy Beijing 2013, is our first time to conduct such seminar-workshop in China. Beyond the language and the medium of videography, the participants were pleased on the three-day seminar workshop because of the improvements they made and looks forward to a new beginning in their chosen path of career.

We are definitely looking forward of doing this again soon.

Again, we present to you, Mayad Academy 2013.

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